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This Welding Innovations article from the James. Shallow Penetration, penetration refers to the depth the weld enters into the base metal, and usually is not visible.

Certain parts may require demagnetization if they are to function properly in service. Portable Eddy Current Tester EE0030, eddy current tester can be used for a variety of applications such as the of crack detection (discontinuities thickness measurement of metal, detection of metal thinning due to corrosion and erosion, determination of coating thickness, and electrical.

As penetration increases, so does the volume of base plate that is melted and combined with the filler metal in the resulting weld puddle. Sufficient bevel is required for good bead shape and penetration; insufficient bevel prevents the electrode from getting into the joint. Proper joint dimensions are those which allow enough access of the electrode into the joint so that good welding techniques can be used to achieve complete fusion with the base plates (and steel backing bar).