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Mccdc : Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Quantico, Virginia. A special grade of the medal, known as the "Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction has the abovementioned medal worn as a star on the left chest; or is worn as a sash on the right shoulder, with its. Carbon paper, which had originally been invented (1803) to help blind people write, was (by all evidence) fairly complicated, mandating that the correct side be properly layered in the paper "sandwich and that it be offset from its previous.

Coined in 1976 by a British biologist,. Uranium-235 was separated from the much more abundant uranium-238 by the gaseous diffusion process at Oak Ridge, TN; and nonfissionable uranium-238 was transmuted into plutonium-239 in reactors at Hanford,. Merchants OF death : catch-phrase coined during WWI to condemn the armaments industry, such as DuPont and other businesses that specialized in war materiel, and applied when indicting German production during wwii, then revived to excoriate American manufacturers.

Nb: a "mail buoy" is a nonexistent navigational aid, where mail packets from passing vessels have supposedly been posted for collection by another vessel, used as mild harassment by OLD salts for fresh catch when standing watch; compare mermaid. Also, by reference to its primary meaning, to act busy and occupied with work while actually accomplishing little or nothing; hence a "mark-timer" is the same as a time-server or coffee-cooler, a slacker or ghost, goldbrick or feather merchant, TAP-dancer or other milicrat. See BOY'S club, veterans' association, bulldog, snuffy, leatherneck, marine, usmc. Magic mushroom : slang reference during the Vietnam-era for a mushroom containing the hallucinogen psilocybin, which is prevalent in the southwestern United States and Mexico; also called "shroom".