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Bikini wax styles: All the shapes and confusing salon

An expert reveals the most wanted bikini wax trends of the year. Au naturel: Contrary to what the majority of women believe, men prefer a natural approach to grooming. Most popular was the 'Bermuda triangle' - a neat, trimmed style. Body hair needs to be at least 1/4" inch long to wax effectively.

The style that men hated the most was the 'G Wax' a closely trimmed small square of hair that most felt looked a bit silly and a bit of a turn off. After waxing, skin may be red and tender for several days. Published: 14:04 GMT, Updated: 07:42 GMT, 225, view comments, for years women have been convinced that porn star style waxing and vajazzles are the quickest way to impress their other halves in bed, with nearly two thirds saying. Those that went to the au natural look swiftly went back to the full Brazilian Bikini Front and Back.

Just 12 per cent chose the full Hollywood, with most men saying they preferred their women to have some hair 'down there'. Others, including 27-year-old Daniel Smith from Essex, said that they did enjoy seeing the odd Hollywood or vajazzle on their girlfriends. Full Brazilian Bikini Front, similar to the style above, without hair being removed from the behind. When you book your first wax removal visit, make sure hair is long enough.