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Hug, rub arms, touch toes, lay with each other, grab at each other if you feel the need, just have some sort of contact that isnt reserved for hello/goodbye formality kissing and sex. It doesnt help that weve been fed a sanitised Hollywood version of female sexuality and that were still operating under a cloud of shame and confusion when it comes to womens sexual plumbing: 25 of women skip their smear tests. Use Dirty Talk (or Text) to Discover Her Desires.

Maybury also lectures in politics and critical thinking at Central Saint Martins and shows her art at the Arcadia Missa gallery in Soho ( m ). Its not uncommon that, people - both women and men - feel more comfortable, if not protected by a technology barrier, about being open about sexual desires in a text message than in a face to face context.

The kind of job titles they want, the car they drive, the women they say theyre attracted to publicly, but not privately I have an application form I make them fill out so that I can find out their favourite. The first sexual revolution, she says, was about male desire.