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Crazy Rich Asians Drops First, trailer, watch Variety

And author Kevin Kwan, the release date has been moved up two days to Aug. Its been an enormously collaborative experience. In April 2018, Warner Bros.

The trailer ends with Rachel confronting the tension between her and Nicks mother. In a movement led by director Jon. Chu, more than 100 creatives have bought out theaters for. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, jon.

(Or a designer suit Eddie would drool over.). Doubleday, buy This Book, the crazy beautiful cast. Crazy Rich Asians, according to, variety, Chu was hired for the job after putting together a visual presentation of his family photos for producers Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, and Jon Penotti. Its a systemic problem because there arent enough leading-man roles for people to cut their teeth on and learn how to be a leading man.