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Graduated from or enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year college. Anonymity means that neither the recipient of the sperm nor the child will know the donor. Known Donor (or Open Donation some people have a friend or relative that has offered to be their sperm donor.

You'll be asked to report any changes in your health. View our complete list of services below: Anonymous Donors Program Services, directed (Known) Donor Services, andrology Lab Services. You'll provide a semen sample in a sterile cup through masturbation in a private room. You Have Options, thousands of babies are born using donor sperm every year.

Sperm samples from some men are more susceptible to damage during the freezing process than are others. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that men who want to make sperm donations including those who are known to recipients complete these screenings: Age. Our staff, combined with the advanced technology and security in the laboratory, has built FCC into a nationally acclaimed reproductive laboratory. It's important to discuss whether you're open to contact from any child conceived with the help of your sperm.