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Now that we're on the same level, Photoshop is actually the easiest way to create a GIF. Select File Save for Web ( not the same as "Save. Users on a full membership gain access to one model (of your choice) per day, while users on the credits system purchase individual credits and then use them to purchase the materials of models in the VirtuaGirl system.

SEE also: Return of the GIF: How Loops Conquered Social in 2012. (Remember, you want to get their attention, not give them a seizure.) You could also make words move, or appear as if you're typing them out. If you're still not persuaded, or simply can't afford it, here are some other options: Adobe Elements: Much cheaper, though only effective for making GIFs from still images. To get the flashing effect, you need to remove the text from every other frame or two.

Mashable composite, images via iStockphoto, ultra_generic, and Nyan Cat. An easy way to stick your place in each frame is by holding "ALT" and dragging the image into the next layer.