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Noun, the definition of a bikini is a small, two-piece swimsuit for women, or a brief legless swimsuit for men. An example of a bikini is a small Speedo swimsuit for a man. An example of a bikini is a triangle top swimsuit with a very small bottom.

Bikini a very brief two-piece swimsuit for women very brief, legless swimming trunks very brief, legless underpants in full bikini briefs ( or brief). Origin of bikini, frenchafter, bikini, related Forms: bikinied adjective, bikini, an atoll in the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands in the west-central Pacific Ocean.

Stay away from the walls on your way up and on your way down or you'll lose points. A very brief, close-fitting two-piece bathing suit worn by women. This name was originally from German Bikini, the colonial name of the atoll as part of German New Guinea, and this was derived from Marshallese Pikinni.