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When Bear Clounts was finished, the car was ready to paint. How do I know its a genuine MK1 Sprite? Many existing MG buyers turned to the Sprite to provide a modern low-cost sports car and so a badge-engineered MG version reusing the Midget name made sense. Per class rules, a 20# penalty is assessed for racing without a usable passenger seat.

The Midget used the 12G940 cylinder head casting that was common to other BMC 1300 cars, whereas the Cooper 'S' had a special head with not only larger inlet, but also larger exhaust valves; however, these exhaust valves caused many. Tran-X limited slip differential. They last longer than organic brake linings too.

Complete with lap belt, Harry is ready to bring a riding mechanic or navigator along for Watkins Glen's wonderful through-town reenactment. This article is about the MG Midget that was built between 19For its predecessors from the. In the US market British Leyland struggled to keep engine power at acceptable levels, as the engines were loaded with air pumps, EGR valves and catalytic converters to keep up with new US and California exhaust emission control regulations. Rear Suspension Occasionally, racecars break parts.