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What to Do (And What Not To) If Your Spouse

You ask, and she says, yes. A sexual preference and pre condition is not something he chose but part of who. Your husband may insist that he does not know why there are gay pop-up ads, but in most cases these only appear because ad trackers in the web browser note that gay porn sites have been visited. This may sound a bit obvious, but it is worth noting.

While there could be a number of reasons for a lack of sexual desire, this can be a sign that your husband is gay if it happens alongside of the other things I've mentioned. But if you married her, that implies that at least at some point, you had a baseline level of mutual trust and respect (assuming one of you weren't manipulated into it for some external reason, like needing a green card).

While this is a very personal decision only you can make, you should know that this might not be as good for the kids as you think. Whatever the reason, if you are afraid your husband might be gay you will want to know for sure. A loss of sexual interest in you.