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One big barrier I had in learning about these brands is not knowing any of the languages! Isnt the one below gorgeous? Around the World in Lingerie series and you can see that when it comes to Asian lingerie, there is an enormous selection, but I will only be able to feature a few brands here. Featuring girly details like bouncy ribbons and floaty chiffons, our cute Japanese lingerie is a delight to both see and wear.

If there are any of your favorite brand Ive missed, please let me know in the comments! Wacoal is so darn boring in the US! Intsucr, intsucr, intsucr is a Japanese brand I wish they had here in New York. Most Loved, explore Petite Cherry Lingerie, sexy Bra Panty Sets.

Ravijour, ravijour, ravijour is a very well known Japanese lingerie line with a large variety of different styles. This may seem a little crazy embellished, but I feel like if you cant go wild on your bra, when can you? Our fantasy lingerie sets feature delicious details like plunge necklines and transparent lace. Of all the brands I saw and included on this list, this is my absolute favorite!