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The idea of serving in India or Burma would have come up quite naturally and from the family, especially with his maternal grand-mother still in Mandalay. As this was a feat they had not seen before, one of them, polite but curious, asked, Why are you standing on your head? He appears as Cynicus in a contemporarys literary diary in 1918-19, though only as one of the Stoa, the lookerson: he does not figure in the pretentious dialogues at all.

Christopher Eastwood mainly recalled Eric as a most unwilling member of the OTC, as he was himself. I remember one story that never saw the light of day. 33 PS Very best regards to Miss Limouzin.

We know also that he was greatly fond of animals and that dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs abounded. When the revolutionary argues for theatre subsidy, that commercial limits should be over-stepped to keep the public in constant touch with the highest achievements of dramatic art, Eric, with a whiff of Tory scepticism, adds, and the drains and.