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Common lumps and bumps on and under the skin: what are they?

The egg or dome-shaped lipoma usually feels rubbery and moves around easily under the skin. While some people have moles at birth, they usually begin to appear during childhood and keep developing through to your 40s, when they start to slowly disappear again. With the summer heat fast approaching, I'm taking a lot of precautions for my skin and believe those who share the same problem shoud, too.

Youll know them, because  unlike a whitehead that can be popped these unsightly little things cant. Other people have also suggested using a pomegranate peel powder because of its exfoliating and Vitamin C properties.

The number of moles you have is partly controlled by genetics, but is also influenced by your environment. Often appearing similar to cysts, lipomas are actually slow-growing tumours of fat cells surrounded by a fibrous capsule.