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Whats the, function of a, sperm, cell?

Spermatozoa arise and mature in special glands called testicles. However, this information was not taken seriously in the society. Despite this, it has an important function, consisting in the fertilization of the egg. They contain a huge number of seminiferous tubules lined with special cells (spermatogonia).

"Come inside: the world's biggest sperm bank". Only the fastest and active spermatozoon, which bypasses all obstacles, penetrates into the found egg and adds its genetic information. "Microconidia of Neurospora crassa". Retrieved b c Assisted Reproduction in the Nordic Countries ncbio.

Before describing the size of the sperm, it is worth considering its third part - it's a flagella. Advertisements: Two or three mitochondria are also present in the neck. It has a spiral mitochondrial layer that produces energy for the movement of the male germ cell.