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Ndembi Nsasi (Brussels, 1978). Robert Farris Thompson, The Flash of the Spirit Robert Farris Thompson and Robert Cornet, Four Moments of the Sun Wyatt MacGaffey and. Once it is charged, the nkondi can then be handed over to the client. Nkondi figures could be made in many forms, including pots or cauldrons, which were described and sometimes illustrated in early twentieth century Kikongo texts.

Pedophobes should note Lombard's warning that the new series, titled. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press,. .

The most common place for storage was the belly, though such packs are also frequently placed on the head or in pouches surrounding the neck. MacGaffey, Wyatt, and John Janzen (1974). The reflective surface enabled the nkisi to see in the spirit world in order to spy out its prey. Many nkondi were publicly held and were used to affirm oaths, or to protect villages and other locations from witches or evildoers.