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Resolution 1284s first priority was the establishment of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (unmovic) to replace unscom. A Ministry of Defense conference concluded in January 2003 that Iranian WMD posed a looming menace to Iraq and the region, according to a sensitive source. Saddam approached the RCC for recommendations on how to deal with unscr 1441 of 8 November 2002, but he opened the discussion by stating that Iraq would not accept reconnaissance flights, interviews with scientists, or visits to presidential sites such as palaces.

All commanders knew this and accepted. Abd said key Regime members habitually concealed from Saddam unpleasant realities of Iraqs industrial and military capabilities and of public opinion. Taha Yasin Ramadan, also present for the secret RCC decision, held a press conference shortly after the end of the Desert Fox campaign and repeatedly termed Iraqs compliance with UN requirements as something in the past: The same. Impact of the Chicken Farm Documents The release of long-concealed WMD documentation planted at Husayn Kamils farm in August 1995, and Iraqs declarations in February 1996 revealing new aspects of the WMD programs were major turning points in the Regimes.

Saddam, Tariq Aziz, and other senior Regime officials realized by August 1998 that Iraq would not be able to satisfy unscom and the UN Security Council and have sanctions is led Saddam to suspend cooperation with unscom and the International. Iraqs relationship with unscom remained mercurial.