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Richard Parsons Played By : Colin Hanks An up-and-comer in the DoD Office of the Inspector General. They make it a point to keep these dealings confidential, arguing that "what Gibbs doesn't know can't hurt us".

I don't want. Second  And again, much more serious, when she punches an obnoxious suspect in the neck, causing him to drop dead despite her insisting that she does know her own strength and couldn't have killed him. Heroic Sacrifice : In a split second decision, she saw a suicide bomber come out from behind a hidden passage way.

She is wounded in the attempt, but recovers and later coerces the man who wanted her dead to confess. Lourdes en seront les consquences. Funny Foreigner : Downplayed. The character is also a recurring special guest on the spin-off ncis: New Orleans, first appearing when she and Special Agent Dwayne Pride's team conduct a joint investigation.