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The Bulgarians again helped out their arch enemy, the Byzantine Greeks, again, by sending so many Bulgar warriors, that by historial accounts the Bulgars completely and soundly crushed the Arabs - according. So, with common sense at our disposal, we can clearly attain the conclusion that the Bulgars were so numerous in fact, that they managed to both defend their multiple borders against multiple hostile and significantly strong neighbours.

Ossetians are an Iranian people in the Caucasus, who were not mixed with the invaders due to relative isolation in the Caucasus Mountains) - here is a photo of Ossetian people: Here is a picture of Iranian Scythians (who. Bear in mind that the Bulgars, before creating Bulgaria, utterly decimated the army of the wealthiest empire in the world at the time - the Byzantine Empire, who just before the arrival of the Bulgars, even defeated the newly. I say all this so as to show you that the Bulgars who came into the region of modern Bulgaria were in the millions - these millions of Bulgars can't just disappear; they are today's Bulgarians. The Bulgars, clearly, would have to have been in the millions, just as contemporary historians of the time reported.

We use opa to apologize, we use opa instead of sorry to apologize to someone we just pushed on the street, for example. So not even the language is fully Slavic.