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If you elect to submit content that includes information that can be used to identify you, you must assume that the content can and will be displayed on any website on the Internet. In the farming industry, the generation of uterine peristalsis via techniques that more accurately simulate insemination by a dominant male is commonplace to increase sperm uptake through artificial insemination (Knox, 2001 ).

These results were in line with what has been found in respect of sperm retention following oxytocin-stimulating procedures in other species (Knox, 2001 ). The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud distinguished female orgasms as clitoral in the young and immature, and vaginal in those with a healthy sexual response. By clicking on these links, you will leave the website operated by Bonnier and this Privacy Policy will no longer apply. Consider an activity that had a 1 chance of lifetime (pre-reproduction) mortality.

For example, following administration of oxytocin, there was insuck of suitable material into the fallopian tube ipsilateral to the dominant ovary. In some limited circumstances, such as to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, and enforce our policies, we may retain some of information that you have requested us to remove. However, close inspection of the original paper shows that such criticisms rest on a misreading of the original graphs which are admittedly laid out in a somewhat confusing manner. By contrast in a variety of other mammals, including humans and other primates, females ovulate spontaneously.