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Its made of a very reliable material which guarantees you that it will serve you for a long term without you going back to the shop. The Klein comes with an adjustable head, so it can scale down to almost any size wire, though the main sizes listed above are what its rated for.

With hand crank copper wire stripper, you may have rest. With the right machine by your side, you do not require a number of people to help you workout. Bluedog Wire Strippers is your #1 Source for all Wire Stripping Machines. There is a lot of important things to do with your time rather than wasting it on the rubber coating and insulated wire scraps.

Pros: Strips all sizes of wire easily 100 manual 2 discount blades Adjustable manually Strips aluminum and copper wires cons: Consumes a lot of energy So big for mobile works back to menu Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper Hand. Some of the machines are portable this is to say you can take your work with you wherever you are and still save energy and time.