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The 42 Most Insane (But Convincing) Fan Theories Ever

It eventually grossed 26,960,191 at the box office. As affable as the actor is, there's just nothing left in this caricature. And not so funny. Spy Hard relies on silly slapstick, takeoffs of recent films and the shock effect of celebrity cameos.

It is a parody of title sequences from the James Bond films designed by Maurice Binder, specifically 1965's Thunderball, complete with multiple colored backgrounds, silhouetted figures, women dancing with guns, and "wavy" text. Hard is the operative word here, because, even at just eighty-one minutes, this movie is unbelievably difficult to sit through." 4 Stephen Holden of New York Times wrote: " Spy Hard is never funnier than during its opening credit sequence. Sign up for free.

Instead of building sustained comic set pieces, it takes a machine-gun approach to humor. Victor Muoz 12 4, expand design info, the Yetee valentina montanini 12 4, expand design info, woot! Rick Friedberg and produced by, doug Draizin and, jeffrey Konvitz.