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What Happens When You, lose Your Virginity?

A: Yes, sex can be fun and feel good, but it's not true that sex just "feels good" across the board in any situation. Q: I'm a girl who is thinking of having sex for the first time with a girl. The hymen is a small, ragged membrane just inside the opening to the vagina (go review our vagina anatomy lesson here ). Still worried about being a virgin in college?

When a girl loses her virginity, that means she has penetrative sex for the first time and she breaks her hymen, right? Most likely, the pressure is much ado about nothing. If you lose your phone, is that a conscious decision? Vaginas are pretty stretchy.

Seriously, no one cares if you have lost your virginity or not. Building up your loss of virginity as a BFD (no pun intended) can only lead to getting let down.