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411 Tarzana, CA 91356 Phone: 800/255-7242 or 818/705-3600 Fax: 818/705-3640 Notes from the website: Since its inception in 1981, Zygen Laboratory has been a pioneer and an innovator in the field of reproductive medicine m Note: Only a relative. For a more detailed analysis of the pricing and offerings of top sperm banks, see our Sperm Bank Comparison.

At one prominent California sperm bank for example, tsbc, donors receive roughly 50 for each donation (ejaculation) which has acceptable motility/survival rates both at donation and at a test-thaw a couple of days later. In the United Kingdom, most donors are anonymous at the point of donation and recipients can see only non-identifying information about their donor (height, weight, ethnicity etc.).

Retrieved "The sperm -donation business". Although the methods used do not guarantee 100 success, the chances of being able to select the gender of a child are held to be considerably increased.