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Money and the Boy With

After a week, when she was physically recovered, it was announced that Symmachus had requested she come to Mournhold earlier than planned, and that she would leave forthwith. He'd fought for Mournhold, fought for her, while she and it grew.

Symmachus looked less than pleased, but agreed she might, although only with the women. "Let's be on our way, shall we?" Symmachus was clearly disappointed by her lack of reaction.

Empty hands and empty bellies are easier to bear than an empty heart. Sven paid the host for a single room, a large meal and a jug of ale, and Barenziah sneaked in a few minutes later. Oh, may the gods have mercy on me, I did love him." Symmachus hard-lined face softened slightly and his eyes glittered with a new light, and he sighed softly. Barenziah stood at the open tower window, waiting.