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Castration : From, stallion to Gelding aaep

However, with todays safe and effective short-term anesthetics, most horses are gelded anesthetized while lying on the ground. Why Castration may be Necessary, this procedure is typically performed on colts to make them more manageable and easier to train.

Variable speed drill and hand crank models are demonstrated. If he has no breeding value, then its worth considering the option of castration.

Cryptorchidism, in some horses, the timing of castration is accelerated due to a condition referred to as cryptorchidism. It has been shown that stallions that have bred before can develop learned behaviours of aggression and the desire to serve mares even after castration. Furthermore, it may take up to 6 weeks for residual testosterone to subside, meaning your stallion may still show aggressive or sexual behaviours towards other horses.