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Loving v Virginia : What You Didn't Know About Its History

"Loving Day Marks 1967 Victory for Legal Interracial Marriage". 5, since 1980, an educational gap in intermarriage has begun to emerge. Archived from the original on July 2, 2006.

Org providing an online legal map, courtroom history of anti-miscegenation laws, as well as offering testimonials by and resources for interracial couples. Here are more key findings from Pew Research Center about interracial and interethnic marriage and families on the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision. Many organizations sponsor annual parties across the country, with Lovingday.

Edit Since 2013, 29 30 Loving Day has been celebrated with an annual symposium at De Balie theater in Amsterdam, organized by the Stichting Loving Day foundation. Multiracial or multiethnic infants include children younger than 1 year old who live with two parents and whose parents are each of a different race, those with one Hispanic and one non-Hispanic parent, and those with at least one parent who identifies as multiracial.