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Even in the bathroom, she wasn't allowed to be alone. It wasn't as unpleasant as she thought it would.

She didn't know if she was disgusted or envious of the beautiful young mother. Terrible thoughts of my dad lying on the floor in pain or worse, pushed me forward. This mother-cunt is really happy that she pleases you!" After leaving one of his mother's underarms wet with his saliva Tommy moved to his mother's other armpit, licking, and inhaling leaving both armpits wet with his saliva.

The Future Warrior takes one last look at Goku and gives a nod, before returning to the Time Nest in Age 852. Both of her sons not only raped her cunt, and now they were talking about raping her mouth and asshole too, using their own mother's sexy feminine openings as receptacles for their potent sperm. "This the most amazing thing I have ever seen!" Jimmy exclaimed.