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UpdateRecords(o, tixx Now, conversely, when a user presses the Purchase button, the table model figures out which flight the user selected and then passes this record and the number of tickets the user wishes to purchase to the data handler. UpdateData(l The two cities are gathered from the combo boxes and used to search the records for the corresponding flights.

This example application should answer any questions you might have had from previous sections. The JButton knows when it is pressed; this is handled internally, and there's no code needed to handle that.

The JComboBox contains a method call setModel that accepts an instance of the ComboBoxModel class. Step 5: Bells and whistles Users have come to expect a certain amount of bells and whistles in any application, both as extra functionality and also as a way to prevent the occurrence of errors. In his book, "Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading" (2002.