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Enlarged, clitoris : Causes, Treatment, Other Symptoms, and More

Pelvic floor muscle exercises may help by relaxing tissues in the pelvic floor and releasing tension in muscles and joints. Lack of clitoral sensitivity (lack of sexual reaction) Lack of sex drive (lack of libido or female sexual arousal disorder) is common in women. Will vulvodynia affect my ability to have children?

Are there any activities I should avoid? Relieve Pain These steps may help relieve vulvar pain: Soak in lukewarm or cool sitz baths. Acupuncture and cognitive behavior therapy are options currently being explored. Vulval pain can happen for a number of reasons, but vulvodynia and vestibulodynia are specifically linked to a hypersensitivity of the nerve endings in the skin.

Other people also read: Painful orgasms in women (dysorgasmia) : women sometimes find that their orgasms have become painful. The idea is to increase the sexual responsiveness of the clitoris.