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Burn the Priest in 1998, which is now not technically self-titled because. Drummer Chris Adler later confirmed this in an interview, stating that legal fees incurred from Randy's trial made a serious dent in the band's finances and they were taking an extended break.

They are considered the main band of the "New Wave of American Heavy Metal". The consequences were astonishing: the personalities of our four lovely companions completely changed, transforming them into rude, tough, irreverent and alcoholic creatures. But I love this album, full of power, groove, energy. So if I have to be the one to say something, then I will.

Metal Scream : The general vocal style is a mid-pitched type 3, though it's not so much a scream. The song opens with clean vocals before the growl-scream starts. "Remember, only get those goods my dear fellows for they will not contaminate you with the wickedness of those foul outlanders!" But as it happens, four of the designated tradesmen, for no one was brave enough to volunteer to meet.