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Optional tests are also frequently conducted to determine air leakage ratings (L-rating)and water leakage ratings (W-rating) of a firestop system assembly to ensure they meet your requirements. Installation, hands-On Lab * Exam taken online after course completion Course Dates. The Canadian and United States Underwriters Laboratories publish books listing firestop manufacturers who have contracted with them for testing and certification.

When the unique demands of your application dont match an already tested firestop system, you can request a complimentary. Reentry firestop mortar Opening created for future use in an electrical service room Spray fireproofing edit Improper firestopping Spray fireproofing of structural steel is best accomplished before interior partitions are built. FIT Level 2 Brochure, fIT Level 2 Brochure - Arizona.

Health Care, improving fire barrier management is a critical component of any healthcare facility. Certificates expire and can be renewed every two years.