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Nutritional concerns Persons who have short stature should eat nutritionally sound, balanced meals. Weight gain still tends to be normal, leading to overweight and a higher than average proportion of body fat. Primordial Dwarfs, the smallest humans on Earth, are reported to be "born happy, sociable people." It's a fact! Prevention There is no known way to prevent dwarfism because it results from genetic causes.

However, natural growth hormone, aside from being prohibitively expensive, posed health hazards due to contamination. Curated by our experts, available for exclusive use, discover prestige. Flat nose-bridge and bowed legs are the other signs to diagnose this condition in a baby. Girls with Turner syndrome are usually between.5 and 5 feet (137152 cm) tall.

Web site: http www. Normally, the cognitive functions are not affected in a dwarf child.