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Female singers in rock bands (metal, punk, rap

Fun, but not nudism. The naked twentysomethings gazed at the naked seventysomethings as if they could suddenly see the future, like a portal had opened in the space-time continuum and revealed a dystopian world where gravity and a sedentary lifestyle conspired to make everyone expand and sag.

That might be fun or, depending where you are, get you arrested but it's not nudism. These are men and women who defy oppressive anti-drug laws and good-naturedly don't give a fuck about societal norms. If you're alone, you're just naked, but if you are in a mixed group of men and women engaged in the conscious practice of standing around in the buff, then you are a nudist practising nudism.

Perhaps this glimpse into the abyss explained some of the uninhibited alcohol consumption among the younger set. People do strange things.