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Facial anatomy Aesthetic Care

Skin Treatments Corticosteroids (steroids Medicines that reduce immune system activity may improve dermatitis. Warts may be treated at home with chemicals, duct tape, or freezing, or removed by a physician.

This describes the innervation of face by the second cervical nerve (C2). Understanding, facial, anatomy, your face is made up of layers of tissues varying in texture and consistency. . Activities : It flattens the cheek against the gum and teeth and thereby prevents the accumulation of food in the vestibule of mouth during mastication. Though all these muscles are essential for facial expression, the pupils are counseled not to load their recollection by making use of their attachments.

With the exception of on the nose where its securely connected to the inherent cartilages and gives insertion to the muscles of facial expression, the skin of face is lax. Rosacea may look like acne, and is poorly understood.