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These Kids Are the Kings and Queens of the Picky Eaters Club adult picky eaters club

Kids may palm off veggies to the dog, but some adults are still just as finicky.

But for picky-eating adults (called PEAs) it's a mental disorder that goes beyond childhood inflexibilities and follows them well into adulthood.

Picky-eaters-club-mommy-shorts-more Plus, three members of the Picky Eaters Club will be selected randomly to win $ worth of products from Ella's Kitchen®. .. No child should MAKE any adult do anything.

Picky Eating Adults in the news. The Grown Up Picky Eaters Club – Psychology Today, January 30, The Picky Eater Files – The Washington Post.

Most kids are somewhat picky when it comes to eating and some can test your . totally possible; how many picky eater adults do you know?!) but the situation.