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NASA Space Poop Challenge winners rethink the adult diaper adults going poop in there diaper

I am incontinent and I wear diapers 24/7. I never use a toilet anymore or try to get to it and never make it. So I just go ahead and wet and poop in my adult. › stories › poopy.

New Adult · Teen Fiction · Fantasy · Non-Fiction · Thriller · Historical Fiction A MOM POTTY TRAINING HER SON TELLS HIM TO USE HIS DIAPER WHEN THEY ARE OUT I'm going to write about my experiences with my diaper every time I wear one! fulldiaper; poopy. +5 more. How an ABDL/DL's poop (​INSPIRED.

Many children with encopresis will only poop in a diaper or a pull-up. it's a lot easier to get their child to go into the bathroom to poop in their diaper or pull-up than and understanding are the keys to eliminating fears, in children and adults​.

This week, we're exploring two fetishes; Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) and scat (poo play). As far as kinks go, both are considered taboo and.