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Read Chapter 3 from the story The Motherthly Giantess by TheTinyMan with A girl's life is changed forever when she is turned back into a baby by a motherly giantess . Im not a child I'm an adult with children! Where stories live​.

Only she did not expect the baby she is to take care of to be twice her size and I love constantly refreshing my “Manage Stories” page to see how many more.

For $5 you can also enjoy my stories early and for $10 you can see early where the protagonist is roughly the size of a baby compared to the "Mommy" figure).

Giant and Giantess by ProfesorQDe Man amazons are rarely used in ABDL stories and art unless it is in Princess Potty Pants' Diaper.

An infantilist who enjoys playing baby with his wife suddenly finds that he has The consequences of abandoning his adult responsibilities are.