Why Is My Vagina Itchy? 12 Reasons Your Vaginal Area Itches - female itching in vaginal area


Genital Itching - Women's Health Issues - MSD Manual Consumer Version female itching in vaginal area

is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptom that often occurs due to irritating substances, infections, or menopause. It may also occur as a result of certain skin disorders or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In rare cases.

In rare cases, vaginal itching might develop due to stress or vulvar cancer. causes for itchiness of the vagina and the surrounding area.

If vaginal itch is accompanied by white spots on your vulvar area, you may have an uncommon condition called lichen sclerosus. The cause of.

pain, itching, or burning; burning urination; white or gray vaginal discharge; itching of the vulva; a strong fishy odor, particularly after sex.

Itching or irritation anywhere on the body can cause discomfort. But when it occurs in an area as sensitive as the vagina and vulva (the labia.