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How Long Does Paint Take to Dry? Solved! - Bob Vila slow drying latex paint

Although oil-based paint is renowned for its smooth finish, it has drawbacks, including strong odor, slow drying time and messy cleanup.​ Achieving a smooth finish with latex demands proper surface preparation and use of the right paint and tools.​ It’s impossible to achieve a.

Over the years latex paint has become thicker and thicker, called Floetrol, an additive that retards drying, allowing the paint to flow better.

There are several reasons to slow the drying of interior acrylic paints. Very hot, dry air dries paint too quickly, making it sticky and difficult to work with.

It is used to slow down the dry time of latex paints during hot or windy drying conditions. It may also be used to increase the wet edge time of latex paints, thus​.

Latex paints tend to dry more quickly than their counterparts; a coat usually takes slow down the evaporation process, causing paint to dry noticeably slower.