Anger over 'naked men' at unisex changing rooms in Bath - BBC News - naked changing rooms


naked changing rooms

Women claim they are "uncomfortable" seeing men "parading around naked" in front of them at new unisex changing rooms in a leisure centre.

“He hated how casual his teammates were about being naked,” the show's I too have had a contentious relationship with locker room nudity.

Women have claimed men are “parading around naked” at new unisex changing rooms at a leisure centre.​ The gender-neutral “changing village” at Bath Sports and Leisure Centre was built as part of a £10m refurbishment.​ The issue was first raised on Twitter by a user calling themselves.

On the face of it, unisex changing rooms sound like a spectacularly I feel a touch awkward about being naked or partially clothed in front of.

Single-sex changing rooms are to be fully opened to the public at Bath Sports & Leisure Centre, following an alleged incident at the new.