Former McDonald's employee denies posting nude pictures - mcdonalds nude employee


McDonald's Sued Over Woman's Naked Buns mcdonalds nude employee

A former McDonald's employee accused of posting nude pictures of a woman on the Internet denied wrongdoing in his answer to a lawsuit.

The strip search phone call scam was a series of incidents, mostly occurring in rural areas of In February , a call was made to a McDonald's in Hinesville, Georgia. The female She also brought in a male employee, who conducted a body cavity search of the woman to "uncover hidden drugs." McDonald's and GWD.

Late last year, we wrote about the odd case where a guy sued McDonald's over the fact that naked photos of his wife appeared online.

In a case that started last year, Cody Hayes, a former McDonald's employee, has responded to McDonald's complaint that if anyone uploaded.

At a Bullitt County McDonald's, a young woman's humiliation went on for 20, , to slap a year-old employee on her naked buttocks.