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Pro Wrestler Defeats Opponent with the Power of His Amazing Penis | GQ jack ryan penis

Joseph Ryan Meehan (born November 7, ), is an American professional wrestler and He is known for using his penis as part of his moves, most notably, the YouPorn-Plex. Brian Kendrick on high profiled cards featuring names like Sabu, New Jack, Vampiro, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson.

Joey Ryan uses his penis to block Mr. Socko and flip Mr. Socko with his penis at OTT in Dublin, Ireland on August 5th, SUBSCRIBE to Joey Ryan on YouTub John M2 years ago. Wish I were there to start the chant.

Once again Joey ryan's penis shows immense strength when flipping Rockstar Spud, Chris Tyler, Marshall X, Alex Gracie and Martin Kirby all.

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