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Three's Company - Season Four : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video jack tripper becomes a male escorts

Lana's first appearance was in the episode "Love Thy Neighbor" from season four, in which.

I came for an audition for a new job. I want become a pornstar and I expected to have sex with the casting guy since I think that is very normal when we are.

Jack escorts Janet to a dull private party but when Jack consumes a tranquilizer and alcohol he becomes the life of the party. Janet is interested in a very well to do man and gets invited to a private party on a small island and will be flown.

Chrissy goes to a bar that is known for being a prostitute hangout and is accused of being one by a guy who she was talking to. Jack tries to make her feel better.

The Series Ah yes, Three's Company. Love Thy Neighbor - Chrissy finds out that Jack has become a male escort and is running around with.